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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Life Hack- Exercise

It has been too long since I've posted! And I cannot wait another day (I like to start my blogs off on Tuesdays- but I'm having blogging withdrawls). So here is a post to start off our week after a long hiatus. My 6 day trip to Mexico landed me in the hospital shortly after we arrived at home with a lovely bug, 3 days in a hosptial bed, and a week at my grandparents to help me look after my ball of energy 2 year old son.

This is where I tell you how naturally lazy I am at heart- because I am. 

Not a hard feat to admit. I can laze around in the sun all day if life (and Vancouver) permitted me to. I love hiking, river rafting, biking and snowboarding a LOT but it doesn't mean that I don't have to muster up every ounce of energy and will to actually get out there and do it. 

Sometimes if I'm hiking The Chief in Squamish to the second peak I ask myself "why oh WHY am I doing this again?!?" And then I get to the top and remember how breath taking the view is from such heights. 

(this photo was taken during a hike I did in 2009)

I've been talking about something for the past little while and it went a little something like this "I'm going to find a life hack for working out that actually works!" But I can't take credit for this one- I found it on Facebook! 

Let me introduce to you a new friend I will be becoming acquainted to this week called 

High intensity interval training. 

Yes, this type of training is supposed to take LESS time than the normal 1 hour+ that people usually spend in the gym- and get you results FASTER! The lazy part inside of me is saying "YES! Lets do this!" And the motivated side is saying the same. As a mother of a toddler who is at his most active, curious and rambunctious state of his life- I have to fit a lot of "me" time into his nap time (which can range anywhere between 1-2 hours). And in that time I usually; clean house, cook lunch, blog, try to incorporate 15 minutes of meditation, and workout. Now all of that happens almost everyday except the last 2 which are incredibly important to this mama's life. 

So if I can fit in a HIIT workout for 10-20 minutes just before he rises I will be one FIT mama! I'm looking forward to it- are you? Come try out this easy (not so easy) 4 move HIIT workout for the next 2 weeks. I know it'll stick around longer but it gives my mind ease to have a set date (and its also awesome to have goals to work towards).

Are you like me and have been looking for this all your life? I'm pretty stoked to try this out. Whatever can get this lady toned and happy is good in my books! 

Video by: Insane Home Fat Loss 

Please let me know if you'll be joining me on this little adventure by commenting below!

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amy said...

Thanks for sharing this!! Did my first ten minute workout