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Friday, 1 August 2014


I don't know about you, but I'm hot! This week has been pretty slow in the cooking department. I've been making my usual toast and coffee to start the day (gluten/ egg/ dairy free bread of course), with some water, and that lovely Green glow smoothie I talked about last week. 

Dinner has been pretty easy too. Salad, maybe a slice of chicken... I'm feeling the pull to go Vegan, have I told you? Raw is even looking appealing to me, but I love my mushrooms cooked with coconut oil, salt and pepper. I may go 80% raw, who knows? I'm still contemplating. I've noticed the days where I start with a smoothie, and have 2 salads; 1 for lunch and another for dinner that I feel pretty darn good! Light, and healthy! 

I'll keep you posted on that journey when I make the decision. But for now, I'm gonna switch up my usual recipe share Friday for something a bit cooler, because like I said I'M HOT! 

So here's what I've been sipping on for the week...

A little bit of everything as you can see. I'm not too choose-y, but I do go by taste.

   1. Estacion: On the left we'll start off with the Syrah 2012. I love me some Syrah! For some reason the flavours are always just amazing to me. Personally I feel like a Merlot is actually bolder and heavier in taste, but apparently Syrah is the darkest.. I guess I have my preferences.

The Syrah was great! It's a pretty bold wine, but very easy to drink- fruity, but not too sweet.

   2. Omission: We're gonna skip over to the beer on the right for now. Omission is a gluten free beer that my sweetie picked up for me for the beach the other day. I have to say I am incredibly stoked that they have such a drink! I've been off of beer for a good couple of years. I wasn't too much of a beer drinker, but I sure loved my IPA's- I missed them. That being said, this IS and IPA and is very bitter, and on the stronger side of beers. I love bitter, so this one sits quite well with me.

If you've been off of beer for reasons like mine (being gluten free), I'd recommend trying this one out. Or, if your just into trying out new beers give this one a go.

   3. The beach house: Now, this is one I'm drinking right now. I saved this one for last because I can tell you this wine is PERFECT for hot days! It says so right on the bottle! All I can say is it just purely amazing. I did sneak in some ice cubes (I know! Terrible wine ethics, right?). I've been meaning to try the frozen grapes trick to use as ice cubes in my white wine's, but I haven't gotten around to it. But now that you know I use ice cubes I'm going to put some in the freezer right after I finish this post! This wine is incredibly fresh on the taste buds. I can taste the lemongrass, and gooseberries. 


Hope you can try out one, or some of these drinks! Have a good weekend!

P.S. If you scroll down to see the pictures, the bottle itself tells you its perfect for hot sunny days on the beach! What more could a girl ask for?

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