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Sunday, 10 August 2014

The weekend edition

This past weekend was once again full of adventure. My fiancee is going to be away more often for work, so we took some time to just be together as a family before he left for the week.

I must let you know I'm sitting here in a little bit of a sad state because the house isn't as full as it usually is with him around. This week its just the two of us- mother and son.

We started off the weekend with a nice little bike ride- we bought our son a balance bike last year, and he is just starting to love it!

On Saturday we drove out to Steveston in Richmond, BC. My fiancee spent some time here growing up before he moved to Vancouver. Its such a quaint little town bustling with tourists at this time of year! We ate some fish and chips from a place called "Pajo's", did some boat watching, played in the sand, tried to teach Toi how to play frisbee, ate watermelon sorbet (my sons absolute favourite fruit at the moment), and ended off our Steveston day on a harbour tour around the water. My son loves boats, he loves water, and he loves the sunshine just like his parents do, so this day was just perfect day!

As you can see, our son had the time of his life! What were you up to over the weekend?

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