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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Weekend Edition

Hey all! How was the weekend?

Before I tell you about mine I have another announcement. I've been thinking about changing up my blogging week. As much as I love doing my Weekend Edition, I think it would be better suited for Mondays. So at this point, I will do

**Mondays- Weekend Edition
**Tuesdays- will be open for review of products if I feel I have something cool to share (if not, this day will remain open until further notice)
Wednesdays- regular Lifestyle posts
Thursdays- Lifestyle 
Fridays- Food Edition

** indicate new post times/ days

I hope this sits with you alright. Tuesdays just feel too far away from the weekend. 


I am keeping this post short as well. This weekend we spent a lot of time at the lake in Port Moody floating on the water, and tanning. But the biggest part of the weekend was saying good-bye to my future mother in law who is probably in Russia right now with her mother before she makes her way to Bali, Indonesia to live for an indefinite period of time.

We decided to take Roman's parents on a boat ride as a little send off. It didn't hit us that she was going to be gone (for at least a year) until the day came. I was pretty sad by the end of the night, as was my honey. We are planning on spending some time in Bali come January 2015 for a few weeks- so you can stay tuned for those adventures when they come. Next year brings much travel into our lives as we are also indefinitely planning our wedding. Everything is still up in the air on dates, but that's what we're shooting for..

The Burrard Bridge

English Bay- Gay Pride celebrations going on at the beach here

Driving to White Cliff Park

My beautiful mother in law has such a young soul! Very vibrant, and ready for adventure. I'm happy that she took the leap, and is following her heart. She's been to Bali twice, and wanted to live there at first glance. My heart is a little bit heavy as I loved visiting her, and the great talks we had.

So now that I've probably told a little bit of a depressing story, please help to lighten me up a little. 

How was your weekend? What were you up to?

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