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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Introducing: The Self Care Series

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I've been wanting to post about this for quite some time. It just took some 'urgency' to do so.

After this weekend I realized how much more effort I want to put into myself. I don't know if you read my Monday post this week, but I had a moment with my fiancee (check it out here), and in that not so obvious moment of realization I knew it was time to put my foot down- with myself. I say, enough with the mommy look!

Here and there I make time for myself, but its not a routine. I don't make an effort everyday, and its something I'd like to do because I always feel good when I take care of myself. I feel refreshed, and recharged! 

This Self Care series will be split up into a few different posts, and with my new schedule I just posted for blogging yesterday (check it out here) you can come back next Wednesday for another addition. 

This week (after all my rambling), I'd like to start off by introducing you to the topics I have on my mind. I'd also like to ask for input as to what I could write about for self care- ideas are always welcome!!

  • Week 1: Meditation
  • Week 2: Exercise
  • Week 3: Skin Care 
  • Week 4: Hair (oh god- THE HAIR! Did I mention I used to be a stylist?)
  • Week 5: New make up regime? (mine is about 2 minutes..)
  • Week 6: me out here ;)
Please, if there's anything you'd like to see me write about, I'd more than happy to do it! Is there something you've been wanting to do for yourself? Let me be your cheerleader, I can be a good one! I may have fluffy hair at times, but I'm working on it. I think I scared myself when I looked in the mirror this weekend, but that scare was for me to start making leaps and bounds for the woman I want to become. 

Becoming a mother has changed me. Not only is raising a toddler a sometimes hectic experience, but the last few years of life has changed me. In that transitional period I think I lost face- sometimes those moments in life are difficult, and you just forget about yourself, so I'll call this my 'polishing period'. Have you had one of those? This is my terminology, so don't go looking it up ok?

I might even Youtube this.... no promises though, but I'm considering it right now. If I don't Youtube this now, I'll do it at a later date after I write the posts.

Let the brainstorming begin! (please leave comments below this post after you have signed into your google account, or just sign in with "open ID" which is another option. Thank you!


Meghan Ryan said...

This is such a fabulous idea! I think it's so important to take a bit of time to yourself. For week 6, why don't you do something you want to do. Did you have any hobbies you loved and don't have much time to do now? Or, maybe something simple. Like trying out a new recipe? :) I wish you all the luck for this, and I'll be cheering you on! Xx

Alyssa Coon said...

That's great thanks for the idea! I hope this inspires you to add some more time for self care in your life :) stay tuned!