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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Mental Illness

You must've seen this one coming. I'm sure I won't be the only one who blogs about the passing of Robin Williams. The topic of mental illness is not an easy one for me to talk about, as I have a very close family member who has dealt with this illness since I was a little girl. And when the pain is so close to home, you know your going to be affected by that person, or from the illness yourself for an undetermined amount of time.

It is so sad that Robin Williams may have taken his own life (as stated from the media), because of depression. I didn't know anything about his personal life at all, but from his movies, and his comedy acts he was a bright and shiny star- but maybe he had some demons behind that act. 

There are a few mommy groups online that I am a part of, and they're all talking about the passing of such a great actor, but also that if you have someone who has this illness; to be with them, and take care of them as long as they need it. I personally, cannot agree with that. Even when a person has such an illness they need to want to be helped. Otherwise you are having your energy sapped every time you help, every time you take care and every time you listen. I'm starting my new Self Care Series tomorrow, and I still have at least 1-2 more topics to cover for the 6 weeks that I plan on blogging about it- please join the conversation if you have anything you'd like to add to the list.

The reason I bring up the Self Care Series is because there has to be a line of what is 'ok' for you as well. Yes, someone close to us may need our help, our assistance. And maybe we're willing to give it for as long as they need it, but there may come a point when you can't. When the help you're giving is draining you of your own wellness. That's not ok, because it will then affect your life and those around you. Its like a tornado affect if not taken care of properly.

It saddens me to know that he has passed. Like many of us who grew up with his movies; Aladdin, Jumunji, Mrs. Doubtfire (one of my classic favs as a child) to name just a few- he was very talented, and will be sadly missed by a lot of people around the world.

Rest In Peace Robin Williams, your light shined on a lot of people around the world

Please remember to 

Take care of those around you as much as you can, but make sure you look after yourself 1st!

As you will have nothing to give anyone if you are empty yourself.

This picture above was taken from my night last night. I'm not one to really talk about how the moon effects our moods, but I think this super moon really got me. My theory is that I was in a pretty damn good mood during the last super moon. Honestly, I tried to harness some good energy when the super moon was out, but I just didn't' have it in me. Yesterday was crap!

Please, lets all send out some positive energy to those around us who need it, and take a moment of silence for Mr. Robin Williams <3


Emsy Lou said...

Very sad about Robin Williams :o(

It's great you are sharing your experience with mental health issues and I do think that as friends and family we have a moral obligation to help someone in need, I respect your point about taking care of yourself first


Alyssa Coon said...

Thank you. We all can do about just as much as we are capable of. Otherwise we have the potential of burnout among other things.

Bunmi Afuye said...

it's quite a sad news. the happiest people ( those that put on the front) are normally the sad people with demons they are fighting. but sometimes the result shouldn't be death as i have gone through depressive state at some point in my life but my family and friends helped me through t plus God too.

but yeah i respect your opinion regarding taking care of yourself first before others

Alyssa Coon said...

Of course. I've had bouts of it in my life too. Thank you both for not seeing my point of view hurtful or judgemental. I just know what its like to be on the other side for over 20 years.