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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Moving 'to do' list- time out!

Ok, as I've said at the beginning of the week I'm a tad busy with this whole move. But Wednesday's are very important to me, as I'm really excited to share The Self Care Series with you, and I started Part I with you last week. But to be honest with you (which I absolutely need to do), I have not been able to keep up with week 1! I've done a meditation here and there, I'm also keeping up with my health cleanse, but I'm just not able to stay committed this week. So as next week approaches I will continue to try and find the time to do at least the 5 minute relaxation meditation that I have on my phone. Next week I will come back fresh... hopefully unpacked and ready to start in on the exercise series ok? 

Please bare with me :) This is what my life looks like right now (excuse the sloppy writing, I blame it on my 'lefty' hand. I'm damn creative, but I'm a messy creative!).

Because I've moved so much, I would think that by now I'd had a system down. And I do (I'm even trying to colour code the boxes as I tag them for different rooms- hopefully I remember along the way!). We are moving into my uncle's 2 bedroom 2 bathroom, walk in master closet apartment as he takes the next step with his girlfriend and moves in with her. He is SUCH a sweetheart for letting us take over, as it will give us a chance to save up for our wedding *happy dance!!*


Bunmi Afuye said...

Awwww so happy for your brother taking the next step with his gf and your post sounds great. Lovely post

Alyssa Coon said...

:) thanks! It's my uncle who's giving us his apartment to rent from so we can save for our wedding after 3 years! We're so excited I cannot wait to start planning my destination wedding!

keara pinder said...

Hey, I have nominated you for for the Liebster Award, have a look at me blog and try it:)