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Monday, 18 August 2014

The weekend report

Well, I must tell you that my Thursday night was a lot more exciting then the rest of my weekend.

Toli and I made our way over to Nanaimo to stay with my close friend at her new pad. I feel like I see her more now than I did when she lived in the city (goes to show how 'busy' one can make their life when simple friendship is probably one of the greatest things in the world).

So today, its gonna be a short one. 

One very awesome tidbit- Thursday was Toli's very first ferry ride! We ended up playing at the top of the boat outside the entire time (which left him out cold for a good long 3 hour nap when we arrived- which made for great girl time!). He then awoke and made a cute little new friend whom he loved playing with for the whole of our stay!

** Mommy/ Parent tip** Do something NEW with your toddler every so often! I'm not a big fan of routine but I know its necessary for a child to thrive when they have things that happen everyday- but giving them a little excitement will stimulate their mind, and the side benefit for you (and them) is that they will have a really good sleep! 

He's also adopted a new "Auntie", he only has a couple other's and he's decided that this is what she is to him- so endearing how he chooses his relationships :)

And don't expect too much more from me than that today haha! Saturday I picked up some supplements where my friend works, and brought my son home for nap time. We had a lot to do that day like; grocery shop, clean the house, amongst other boring household chores. 

To my demise that day my son lost my only set of house/ car keys (which are STILL missing!). So we ended up sitting at home all day waiting for his Dada to come back from a fishing trip- UGH! Needless to say, as irritated as I felt I ended up taking some action and upping my liver cleanse by juicing some great vegetables for my liver- check out my Health Cleanse blog here . And yesterday was spent at numerous furniture stores, and Ikea- where we looked for couches, mattress's and other necessities for our new apartment for the end of the week. That was it. Sorry to be so uneventful this weekend, but that's how she goes! 

I'm hoping to stay up to date with my blog this week, but with packing going full tilt as of tomorrow I'm just hoping to have all of my ducks in a row for the move come Saturday.

Please bare with me, as I may be attempting to pull my hair out during this move :) Moving with toddlers is not fun.... but maybe he'll be used to it this round? I can always hope, right?


Bunmi Afuye said...

Awww so cute and adorable

Alyssa Coon said...

:) thank you :) he is just the sweetest little boy!