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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Toddler biking (review)

The best part of my day today was watching my son ride his bike outside for the very first time at 25 months old. He was incredibly conscientious of his surroundings making sure not to run over anyone who was lying around in the grass. Such a little sweetheart!  

Here's my review of the Strider bike- AMAZING! He's been small since the very first day he was born. I researched the best, and smallest version of a balance bike I could find and at a price of $110 I was sold. Its light, easy for him to move around, and more than light enough for me to carry if he wants to take a break and rest on my hip while we walk. Worth the buy if your looking.

He'll be able to grow into this bike as well as the whole bike adjusts as he grows. The one thing that I might comment on is the seat for his little bum, it doesn't seem that comfortable, but he doesn't seem to mind it :)

Ease of use:




Longevity of the product:


Lightness & Durability:


Coolness factor:


Anytime we take his bike out for a ride he's always turning heads. People come up to him and ask me how it works. He just loves his little bike! I also ran into a cute youtube video of a 3 year old doing dirt biking trails with his dad (I'm going to assume it wasn't a hardcore trail- as he was only 3, but how cool is that?). Needless to say, Toli's dad is now urging me to take him out to practice everyday so the two of them can go off into the sunset and bike into the forest together :) If your in the Vancouver area, and want to check out the store I got my sons bike at its called Bike Doctor. Hope your enjoying your week!


Bunmi Afuye said...

He's so adorable. Such a cutie pie

Alyssa Coon said...

:) thank you! He is my little smiley angel <3

Growing Positive said...

awesome bike, you can tell he's gonna be a natural ;)

Alyssa Coon said...

:) he sure is! We're getting him ready for next year! Balance biking on some easy bike trails in the forest with his Dada and I (I saw a YouTube video with a 3 year old doing it and it's now our goal lol!)