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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Life Changes

Doesn't it always? I sat contemplating the direction of my life (once again) over pasta, and red wine at one of my favourite local restaurants in downtown Vancouver- Basil Pasta Bar. Gluten free, and dairy free options. 

Just. Plain. Amazing. 

So I had my trusty journal (to write out my thoughts while I waited for my food) as my mind swirled with contemplation 

"What is next? What feels RIGHT?"

My mind was swirling with thoughts, or 'creative juices', something I hadn't always given myself credit for- I've stifled my 'creative flow' for too long! 

My life has taken me on so many journeys, which seem like they are all completely different paths, but it helped me end up where I am today- another fork in the road. Those 'creative juices' I spoke of? Well, I hadn't given myself permission to use them to their full potential. I envied 'those' people who were living to their full potential

"Why hadn't I given myself permission?"

(Danielle LaPorte writes a guest post on Positively Positive on "Permission from the Universe", have a read. Not only is this woman amazing- but so too is this post!)

Sometimes things stop feeling good, sometimes something you thought you wanted may stop feeling like you want it anymore. Personally, I think that that's ok. It's ok to follow your heart. No matter how turbulent it may feel. Because out of what you may deem as a 'mistake' was actually guiding you to what you actually need in your life. We all hit learning curves (if we so choose to use those opportunities), so when things do stop feeling good- use that to move on to the next step! Stop beating yourself up! I know I tend to do that. 

Some people strive for happiness. Some for money, some for other things. I choose happiness. And I love to follow my heart. It has brought me to so many wonderful places that I can't even describe that I'm so grateful that I've done for myself. Because I don't see life as a journey to become "successful" in money terms- yes, of course "money makes the world go 'round", but so too does just being content, happy and excited with life. How wonderful this whole experience is, and why do we miss out? Because we deem ourselves unworthy? Try again! 

Give yourself FULL permission to live your own life!

As my gramma always says "you can't take it with you". No,
money will not follow us into the the other side... But that's another talk on its own. 

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