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Friday, 11 April 2014

Toddler hunting season

Is your toddler gluten/ dairy/ whatever else free? Or, maybe you're just looking for healthier options aside from the usual chocolate Easter egg hunt (p.s.- I LOVED that as a child! But my teeth sure didn't!).

My Easter egg hunt- which is happening at my Gramma and Papa's will be inspired by hunts I had at my grans place when I was a kid. 

The hunt will start from the bedroom where he find his Easter basket, and a trail of plastic easter eggs with healthy goodies inside, and the trail will lead the living room with some books, and other small fun toys. Below is a brainstorm:

Easter hunt ideas: (inspired by Adventures with the Little Man)

  • Easter basket
  • Easter inspired books
  • Magnets- alphabet/ other
  • Bubbles
  • Bath toys
  • Bunny ears (something I already have laying around the house)
For plastic eggs

This week I'm off to collect what I need at 
Nice and cheap for the most part. I've been seeing people talk about buying Ipad's, bikes and whatnot on Facebook. That's not really what I remember from Easter egg hunts as a child. I look at Easter as a time of creative fun! I may come up with some crafty projects if I feel so inclined to.

Happy shopping, and creating for the Easter hunt!

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