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Friday, 25 April 2014

Take a time out- For yourself!

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Yesterday I meant to blog, but our son has been teething both nights since Tuesday when he got home. If you're a parent, then you know my pain, especially if you've gone through the last of the molars (I wrote about his teething pain in "Worlds toughest job" as well). Needless to say, my day looked a lot like- bringing lunch to his Dada at work, coming home, and sitting. There was a lot of sitting and gazing off into wonderland, and daydreaming about a full nights rest.

Toli fell asleep on the car ride home from viewing an apartment, which was about 5:45pm, and he slept right through the night. Poor kid has been running on fumes since Tuesday, as he has not been napping well either. So aside from me having to run to a drugstore to buy ibuprofen for my little munchkin (since he was inconsolable from about 2-5 am I decided to reach out to a mummy group on Facebook and ask for some help around his teething pain at 1:30 am- most answers led to ibuprofen over tylenol for teething pain), I decided it was time for some laid back "Lyssa time". I ran a bath with geranium oil, epsom salt, and baking soda with a new exfoliator, and face mask by my side.

Who knew how refreshed I would feel? I mean, yes the active ingredients in my organic facial products do leave a refreshing feeling (I love the Giovanni skin care line!), but the whole experience of just laying in a wonderfully warm, and inviting bath with skin softeners (baking soda), and natural relaxers (epsom salts- also amazing for the skin) and essential oils... I can't even begin to explain how awesome this was for me after a long 48 hours with my family and this whole teething thing!

The thing is, I used to do this all the time for myself- before I was a mama! And, as parents we tend to forget about ourselves along the way. So from one tired parent to another- take a time out for yourself! At least once a week! We can come up with excuses like "I never have time"/ "I'm too busy", but we aren't! We just aren't! If so, the dishes can wait a day, the laundry can be folded tomorrow- and if needed, take your time out while the kids are sleeping during naptime, or bedtime, or hire someone for an hour or two. It can be done! 

What was one thing that just soothed your soul 'back in the day' before you were a parent? Was it a walk in the woods? Meditating? Dancing? Reading an amazing book? I'd love to hear what you used to do, and I want to hear that you'll do it again sometime VERY soon! Let's stay refreshed as parents so we can give the best of ourselves not only to our children, but the world too!

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