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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Sunset at Whitecliff Park

Last night we decided to take my fiance's dad to watch the sunset. It's a very rare occasion when his father is home, and not working. I decided I wanted to share one of my family moments, as these moments are what is closest to my heart. 

This is Toli with his grandfather 'Gido' (arabic for grandpa).

We will be moving a touch farther away from 'Gido' (only a few blocks hopefully, but it'll still be a change), and as the month passes I feel like it's time to really get together and spend time with one another. I have to say that Toli is probably one of the luckiest kids around- he has loving parents, a mass amount of grandparents and great grandparents who all love him so dearly, along with my closest who refers herself as 'Aunty Mum'.

Family life is probably one of the most important aspects for a healthy life in my opinion, because when life at home is not in good shape, then other areas in our life won't look so good either. 

In this article "4 easier ways to be a happier mom" Leah Rocketto talks to the ever so awesome happiness guru Gretchen Rubin who wrote "The Happiness Project" (a book I'm reading currently). I personally loved this article, and I try to incorporate what I can out of the steps already. Dada doesn't leave for work until we've all had our hugs and kisses, and my son and I have a 'Monday Toli Day' -which I will share with you in the near future- where we focus on him for the day which is full of adventure. Please have a look at Leah Rocketto's article! I think if we all incorporated just a few of these steps into our days we could simply live a happier life.

Hope your enjoying the spring weather! Toli and I will be going for a nice walk in the sunshine with one of his favorite Aunty's in the world this afternoon.

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