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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Wishing, hoping, daydreaming...

Ever feel like you loose track of time? Of "things" that you want to do?

Before I started my weekend I had fleeing thoughts as I looked outside my window.

I wished all of a sudden that I had the stamina to go outside with my son Toli to walk through the cherry blossoms when it was sunny out yesterday, or the day before (I really wanted to, but with some really bad back pain, I just couldn't see myself chasing my little ball of energy around). And then the weather changed, it clouded over and looked like the picture above. 

I had envisioned a fun time with my son, so I felt a bit sad about the whole thing, but we were already packing up to stay at my grandparents for the weekend. 

And a few things popped into my head as I had this thought. Firstly, we were going away for the weekend to see my grandparents- YAY! We always love going there, its relaxing, calm, and so serene.

Secondly, I just purchased a new book at Chapters- The Happiness Project, because who doesn't need a little more happiness in their life?

I had only skimmed through a few sections while I was at Chapters, but it basically talks about being happy in every area of life. That, and I also had a talk with a close friend around "complaining" recently. Complaining just sucks the darn life outta ya, all the positive vibes go down, and you just don't feel good, do ya? So instead, with just a little inspiration, I decided to look at the positive aspects of life instead of looking outside and seeing a dreary day, and a failed attempt at exploring the newness of spring with my son.

The article on complaining talks about choosing joy over complaining or sarcasm (I tend to lean towards sarcasm when 'trying' to be witty/ funny, and I've run dry on humour, but sarcasm is not a 'joyful' state). This awesome blog is by Rebecca Butler who did a guest blog on Mind Body Green (one of my favorite go to blog sites). 

So when your feeling in a yucky mood, try and look at the more positive aspects of life that may be happening for you. The glass is either half empty, or half full. 

You choose

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