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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Vegas Baby!

Well, I seem to be on an emotional roller coaster today. I awoke after 9 am this morning, thinking that I had the day to relax at the spa, and hang out at the pool tomorrow for some sunshine before we leave. My honey then proceeded to tell me that we were leaving at 11 am. So I had a bittersweet feeling because as much as I miss my son, I haven't had as much alone time as I originally thought I was gonna have- hence not blogging until tonight.

Honestly, you would think I'd be doing more while I'm here in Vegas, but I guess as a mother of a younger one.. of course I've been sleeping life away. So I was sad that I haven't been living the full Vegas experience. 

Let me start from the beginning. We drove to Bellingham on Friday evening to spend the night with one of my cousins, and friends (whom I adore), and left early Saturday morning to start our Vegas experience 

Yes, this is my 8 am mimosa here at the Bellingham airport

On a Saturday morning! I'm pretty darn sure I've never started drinking this early, but when have I ever had the chance to indulge like this? Well, never. And indulgence is one of life's wonderful experiences (in moderation).

Our flight ended up being one of the most turbulent flights we've ever experienced. My babe and I ended up snuggling and doing some deep breathing exercises (as we both thought we were gonna die) while the plane took some nice deep dips, and gurgles on the descent into Las Vegas.

This is Rom before the turbulence started- he was taking a nap

We ended up staying at the Flamingo (worst, WORST hotel to stay at FYI- coming from newbie Vegas travellers), where we proceeded to be woken by screaming neighbours. Five rooms flooded at 3 am, including ours, and we waited outside our flooded room for an hour to then be taken to a downgraded room from where we slept- with no refund on the room at all. Can you say a hell'ish experience? Probably. But it is what it is. We dealt with it, and moved on. 

The next day we attended a pool party where mommy (aka: Me) decided to let some of her inhibitions go and let lose a little bit. Trust me, it was worth it! Usually this one is so stuck in mommy mood that she forgets what its like to not be so responsible- I have to say what a freeing experience it was! But I will let you know that I was down for the count- after a full day of pool dancing- sleeping from exhaustion at 8pm that night :) 

Since then, we moved to the HardRock Hotel, where I've recently had a wonderful spa experience, and squeezed in a bit of sunbathing at one of the pool areas close to my room. Once I arrived back at my room I called my grandparents to see how my baby was doing- he missed me, and it just tugged hard on the heart strings. I miss him so much, and I'm not sure how I'll survive a seven day vacation in Mexico next month without him around.

Another reason I couldn't blog is because the internet connection isn't that great, Rom couldn't even work in our room. So as I sat contemplating how to start writing about my experience, I decided to stop struggling with the weak internet issue alone, and called the front desk for help. As I sat in my comfortable bed awaiting room service dinner, Rom ran into the room with intense excitement about his night. He received an amazing award from his company, and as I jumped out of bed to congratulate him the internet just started, and my emails became visible- where I saw Toli's acceptance letter from the KoolKids Talent Agency. It felt like within a 30 second window I went from intensely missing my son- to having the most extravagant excitement for my little family- and realizing I'll have my little super star back in my arms by tomorrow night.

Gratitude has hit my heart like you wouldn't believe tonight. Not only are my two men thriving, but so am I. The love and support of everyone reading my blogs, and supporting me on Bloglovin' has been immense, and for that I am also grateful for.

I will end my night with thanks for all that I have, because I will tell you when I let go of my previous business I envisioned myself writing and blogging while travelling... and guess what? That's exactly what I'm doing right in this moment. My heart is full of joy. And I don't want to leave it at that...

What brings you joy? What makes you feel grateful? As I was at the pool sunbathing today I was reading Danielle LaPorte's "The Desire Map". The section I read was on gratitude. So what are you grateful for? Are you grateful for your baby's sweet little smile everyday? Are you grateful that your home is always a comfortable temperature? That you always have another breathe? That the sun always rises again? Danielle talks about how we need to get really detailed in what we're grateful for. The reason for this is we can become really complacent as to what we are grateful for, yes, we can say "I'm grateful I have a roof over my head", or "I'm grateful for my children". But we can say that everyday, it doesn't really dig deep into the gratitude we feel as individuals. Get detailed, and write it down! Today, my blog is sort of an extension of my gratitude journal that I'm sharing with you, and I hope it inspires you to start something similar for yourself.

Please share one thing you are grateful for in the comment section below if you feel so inclined.

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