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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

River Rafting in BC

We'll, I'm sure glad I apologized in advance about not posting much this week. Thank you for being patient with me! The move went as smooth as it could've, and now we are making our way to Prince George to drop off Toli to stay with my parents while we go to Mexico. 

I've been thinking about posting for days but with no internet you can imagine how hard that has been. So here I am sneaking in a post before a long and treacherous road trip with Toli and my Gramma (who volunteered herself- she likes road trips, and Toli especially so she really wanted to come).

Since it's been so long I wanted to start off my week with a bang. If you're into adventure like I am, I'm sure you'll appreciate this post/ story- it's a good excuse to get out of the city, and try something new. 

Some of the most relaxing times I've had are at my grandparents. We drive 3 hours out of the city, and into the mountains to Lytton, BC.

This photo is extracted from an earlier post Wishing, hoping daydreaming...

Lytton is nestled in between mountains, and my grandparents just happen to have the best view from their house (I also talk a little more about Lytton in Wishing, hoping, daydreaming) of the Thompson and Fraser river, which join into one big river flow- called a confluence. The cool thing about having the two rivers come together is the colour difference. When your close enough you can see which river is which- one is a very pretty blue contrasted by a muddy green'ish colour. Many a time have I gone down this river flow in a river raft (one of my absolute joys in life!).

Coming to Lytton is something I've done ever since I was born. My great grandmother 'Nanny' used to have house in town here, and my brother and I would spend our time running around in the garden, or playing in a little pool to cool off. Lytton is known to some as "God's pocket". Why you may ask? Well, because it gets so darn HOT during the summer- it'll usually come up as the 'hot spot' on local BC news channels.

It's almost been 6 years since I introduced my fiance to my joy in life- river rafting. There are a few things in life that can keep a perma- smile on my face; biking, river rafting, and most recently snowboarding now that I'm getting the hang of it again. 

I'd been 'dating' Rom a total of 3 months, and within that time, we barely spent a minute apart aside from him working. Those 3 months were full of adventure, and lots of surprises. We loved surprising one another. 

Here's a bit of back story to connect what I'm about to say; my family gets together every year at the end of summer for good food, tomato jarring, card playing, and lots of laughs. Rom hadn't met my family yet, and wasn't really thinking about it either. I had planned a surprise rafting trip (which he'd never done before), but it was near my grandparents place. So I thought "well, why not bring him into all the fun?". It seemed like a really awesome 2 for 1 deal. Meet my family, AND go river rafting! Lets just say he was more than surprised to find out he was walking into- a family get together. And it wasn't just my grandparents. It was my step mum, father, uncle's and aunts.. probably would have been good to have a heads up now that I think about it, but at the time I thought it was a fabulous surprise!

This is a flashback photo of Rom and I on one of our rafting adventures with Fraser River Raft Expeditions

And one of the most recent photos from last year with Kumsheen 

Kumsheen is one of the very first rivers I've ever been on, and great for any beginner who is looking into trying it out. 

But I decided 6 years ago that I would take Rom on one of my favourites the Nahatlatch River run with Fraser River Raft Expeditions, this run is a class 4+ in July (meaning fast, fun, and just plain awesome!).

Here's short video of the Nahatlatch run that's putting a smile on my face, and goosebumps on my skin- I need to get back out there! 

So if your looking for something awesome to do, or are looking for a new river to try out, I'd highly recommend coming to the interior of BC. Fraser River Raft Expeditions is based out of Yale, BC. They run the Nahatlatch river between May and July, and it's considered one of the best runs in the province. It's been a couple years since I've been on this one (having a youngling in the household has made it difficult to be here in time for the run), but I haven't been disappointed yet!

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