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Thursday, 17 July 2014

6 steps to organizing the perfect day

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Well, I decided to take back the reins of my life yesterday after what felt like a mini meltdown. It was great to do a self-care night with healthy food, a good book with wine after my day.

Before I hit the sack that night, I decided to get my life back on track by organizing a perfect day. It was quite a simple one at that (you can also check out more information on organizing your life in a later post I did called To do list)

  1. Make a green- fatty smoothy for breakfast- I'll recipe this one at a later date and give you more details on the 'fatty' aspect of it- also, prepare my sons breakfast
  2. Clean my house
  3. Have a cup of coffee and blog for an hour
  4. Get outside with my son 
  5. 5 minute meditation (with my 5 min relax app)
  6. Exercise and read my new book while my son takes his afternoon nap

And I accomplished every single one if those! My silent chant after I finished my list (silent because the last of it had to be accomplished while my son Toli slept) was "I did it, I did it, I did it!!" And boy was I a happy camper! I felt good about my day. I got my sweat on with this HIIT workout that I talked about recently, got all my work done and most importantly-contributed to natural stress relief with meditation which is very calming, and also got some endorphins running through my body again. I like to think that I'm very proactive when it comes to getting out of a funk. I don't like staying down very long, even if its only a day I go a little bonkers- so I'm glad I had my 'to-do' list ready.

I find that writing things down on paper helps so much when we need to get stuff done. Just the act of scratching it out makes me feel accomplished. What helps you get through tasks of the day?

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