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Friday, 11 July 2014

Dream Wedding

Ok! Today is the day that I finally reveal where Rom and I want to get married! I think we may break a Guiness World Record for longest engagement as it's been 3 years already! Cute little Anatoli came into our lives before we had a chance to get hitched, and that's ok- I love him :)

When we went to Mexico we had full intentions of checking out some resorts to see if something felt 'good' to have our wedding at. Well, we looked no further than a resort that we were staying at already luckily!

Paradisus Playa del Carmen Resort is where my honey's company sent us for Presidents Club recently, and we just had the time of our lives there! The service was top notch, the restaurants were amazing (you don't even want to leave the resort- its just perfect), and the beach was a mere walk from the resort where we had beach side service for drinks (I suggest not eating the food by the beach as it isn't nearly as tasty as the restaurants that are in the resort- but please, get a margarita and have some spare change with you everywhere you go, as tipping is a nice thing to do for such awesome service.

We've already looked into how much it will cost, so all we have to do now is work on some financial goals before we start saving for our wedding day!

I must say, I did get used to having a bottle of champagne sent to my room every day after morning activities, I'm going to make sure this happens for my wedding too :)

Our rooms were cleaned up to 2-3 times a day, depending on how many times we came home to make a little mess, it was like they were watching for us to leave so they could clean up again..and look for spare cash. FYI to the wise: use the safes provided in the room if you leave money at home, we learnt this the hard way unfortunately.

This photo was taken from another room that we stayed in which was more of a studio. I think its just as comfortable as the rooms with 1 bed, spa room, outside hot tub on your private balcony, and bathroom that we originally stayed in since most of our time was spent in the warm sun by the ocean or poolside.

When all the activities were done with my honeys company we chilled by the poolside just a couple floors down from our rooms.

I could've taken a better shot of this now that I'm posting it for my blog, but below you can have a room with these beds that sit in the water. I'd love to walk out of one of these in the morning.

This is the beach I want to get married on. White sand, warm turquoise water, and smiling people everywhere. I'm so excited to have family and friends join us on our special day!

Yay, I'm sure glad I finally got this post out! 

To white sand, Mexico, and my ever so favourite Paradisus Resort. We'll be back in the near future.

With love, the happy couple who have been engaged for about a millennia now. 

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