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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

This is the life

Yes, it's that time of week again!

What did you do over the weekend?

On Friday evening we made our way to my grandparents once again- I think I told you before how much we enjoy visiting them. We have been busy all week showing our place to potential new tenants... oh ya! Have I told you that 


Yikes, right? Didn't I tell you that I would rather stay put for a while since it was rather hellish moving to my current dream apartment in downtown Vancouver not even 2 months ago? We haven't had a chance to fully move into my dream apartment because we know we'll be leaving soon. Its sad, but at the same time exciting as this time we'll be getting super cozy (which means shopping for comfortable furniture and accessories!) as a means to stay put for longer than a year in one apartment. 

My Uncle offered us his larger apartment for a really good price that we just couldn't say 'no' to. It is far from the downtown life, but it is something that we are so grateful for! Not only is it bigger, but we'll be able to really save up for this darn wedding that feels like will never happen! Finally! So over the next couple of years I'll have plenty to write about :) This next little while is a bit of a sacrifice in location and lifestyle (oh God, how we love the downtown life! But the downtown life is expensive!). 

So get ready for some home decoration blogs in the very near future! I'll take you along on the trips we make, and ask for some advice on what I should buy. I'm not an interior decorator by any means so let me know what you think works, and what are just weird quirky mismatches ok? 

So, this is what we did- RELAX and we couldn't feel more recharged for the week!

Daddy and I started our Saturday at the lake, sadly leaving our baby at home with the grandparents as he caught a strange little cold (remind me to get him back on his probiotics!)- he is better now though thankfully.

I spent a lot of time in the 30+C weather with my Gramma reading a really great book for my blogging career while jotting down a LOT of notes! I'm immersed, and half done the book now! Once again I mixed a wonderful 

Wine spritzer 

1/3 c wine
1/3 c coconut water (hey, I needed hydration somehow!)
1/3 c club soda
4 ice cubes

Let me tell you it was much better with a touch of coconut water for sweetness :)

Do you think I'm a bit insane for moving again? Sometimes I feel like this life of mine is a never ending adventure! 

Let me know what you were up to! I'd love to hear! 
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