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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Paying attention- in Relationships

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One of those 'off' days. A day you wish would just end so you could start over again tomorrow..

That's how it felt. I was reading an article yesterday called The shape of days. It discussed how we can graph the way our days turn out. Some days we can start on a high, or wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and it goes on from there.

Yesterday I started off by managing my social media, along with reading articles, and blogging. It was a pretty good start to a relaxing day with a nice cup of java in hand. I also had coconut yogurt, local raspberries and hemp hearts for breakfast. I could say I was having an awesome day- starting on a high. Then, one event tumbled into the next where things just weren't going my way at all. Appointments had to be cancelled, dates rescheduled. My relaxation quickly turned into stress (or the low end of the graph as discussed from The shape of days) before noon even hit.

Thank god for an awesome relationship! I was supposed to go to Whitecliff park (see photos in this post where I talk about the Sunset at Whitecliff Park) with my fiance when he arrived home from work, but to top off my already crappy day he had a work event he needed to attend. 

I felt like the wave/ shape of my day just hit its lowest at that moment. It was at what I called the trough of my day, and I made it known. But something so wonderful happened. 

He listened

I forgot before that moment came just how powerful being heard is. In that moment I was able to pour my heart out, get rid of every little nuance of my day, and the most fascinating thing happened right after that 

I took a deep breath.. and everything was OK

He asked me if I wanted him to come home, or if I wanted to join him. I said 'no'. 

He said "have a glass of wine", and I did. 

It was beautiful! How my day had shifted back into peacefulness after just being heard. Thankfully I had already begun making my favourite comfort food :) Gluten/ egg/ tomato/ dairy/ gmo free pizza with spinach and mushrooms, and a glass of chilled white wine.

I'll post my recipe at the end of the week if your looking for a quick, healthy pizza idea. My son loves it- as do I (it can always be used with wheat/ dairy/ tomato if your not on a restricted diet like I am).

When your having a crappy day, what do you do? 

In this article One of those days I talk more about different ways to get through a crappy day if your looking for more ideas!


Hayley- Eszti said...

Sorry to hear you couldn't go, but what a lovely guy you have, and the lovely gal that is glass of wine always does her job doesn't she! When I'm having a crappy day, I lean on my boyfriend and just a cuddle and a nice bar of chocolate normally does the job :)

Hayley-Eszti |

Alyssa Coon said...

That's great :) It's so awesome to have support around whether its a partner, friend or family member. Chocolate is another good idea!