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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Life Hack- Exercise Part II + Exercise Music

I wanted to give you an update on this awesome workout I talked about earlier this week called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). I'm so happy and excited that I came across this exercise, as I stated previously- I'm lazy! A full workout for me is literally 25 minutes in total- with 10 minutes of actual HIIT. I love stretching- which is the last 15 minutes of my workout- but I only stretch when I have to, so this workout is giving me good reason to do so. The day after my first HIIT workout my mid back was super tight so I made sure to focus some effort around stretching my back today.

The first time I did the workout was Sunday, and in my last post A Little Piece of Mexico I said I was going to do another workout but I ended up tiring very quickly (as of yesterday the bug has completely left my system- FINALLY, and my energy is back to normal- WOO-HOO!).

Since my son stayed the night with his 'Nan' I stayed up late reading a novel in the bath tub with half a bottle of wine- yes, half a bottle. Not a glass because when does this mama get to have more than a glass of wine with no kiddie around? Not often, so I take full advantage of my days when I get them.

I came across this article on twitter the other day and thought I'd share it as I had a cup of joe before my workout today and felt good doing so "5 Reasons to Drink Coffee Before Your Workout"

Also, who doesn't like some good tunes when they workout? An excuse I used to have (I found it to be very logical) was I didn't have the right music to workout to, right? Who wants to workout in silence? Since I'm doing a hard hitting, 10 minute, sweat inducing workout I needed some hard hitting music to keep myself pumped.

Here's my NEW, and probably my very first playlist (usually my Mr. is my DJ- its still his music, but I'm compiling my own list from his tunes). I wanted to share it because I'm uber proud of it, and I think it rocks :)

  1. Bad Kingdom- Moderate (super fav, and I will always start my new workout on this song)
  2. Caller ID- Mat Zo (When I did a planking challenge last year I used only this song)
  3. Hey Now (Arty Remix)- London Grammar
  4. Pyrimad Scheme (Club Remix)- Mat Zo feat. Chuck D
  5. Hindsight- Audien 
  6. Karma- Sunny Lax
Since the workout only takes 10 minutes + whatever time you add in for your stretching this list is more than enough. Are enjoying this "life hack" as much as I am? 


Tisha Gandin said...

Awesome Lyssa! Nice to hear you found HIIT, I was going to tell you all about it when I got back. Check out "Fitness Bender" on Youtube, they have tons of great HIIT workouts. I'm a fan of the quick and brutal myself, so I do the 23 min video. It's only instruction based too so you can totally jam to your tunes at the same time ;). Oh, and thanks for the justification on coffee consumption. That will leave a smile upon many, lol! Great read :)

Alyssa Coon said...

Thanks Tisha! I honestly think the coffee helped, and am going to continue consuming before my workouts :) I'm super stoked about my 8 minute workout right now, glad your enjoying HIIT too!