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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

"Worlds toughest job"

Yep, I thought this video that I've been seeing circulate the 'net the past few days would be fitting for today. Have you seen this video yet?

Technically, I don't work. I have the most amazing fiance who fully supports any decision that my heart takes me in, and for that I am forever grateful- and know I what a lucky girl I am.

Our son is getting the last of his molars in (teething pain!). Once these 4 have cut through I'll feel like I've just completed the worlds longest marathon race! Yikes! Sometimes I wish he wasn't one of those poor children who have to go through this pain (apparently I didn't have too much teething pain as a child, so I'm sort of envious of myself if that makes any sense).

This morning I woke up early to go finish shopping for his "Easter egg hunt". I started shopping last week- and I'm really good at starting projects, but once I start I tend to think I have all the time in the world to finish. So hence, this was part of my stress.

But he also threw a tantrum while shopping today, and was not a happy camper when we were home. I made homemade, gluten free playdoe and chickpea snacks- like I was talking about earlier this week- and also had to tend to my poor, cranky baby. 

Now that he's gone I do feel like today was part of that marathon race, and I'm glad to have some adult time with my honey, and some new friends for the evening. 

.. Hopefully I'm not the first to fall asleep tonight like I usually am. But we'll see. 

Happy Easter!


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