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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Cleaning Our Closet to Feel Good

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Since we're moving this week I've been de-cluttering my space over and over again. Might as well, right? Who wants to pack a bunch of crap that they don't actually like?

A good way to do this is to have 3 piles

  1. The 'KEEP' pile
  2. The 'GIVE AWAY' pile
  3. And last and definitely the most important the 'THROW AWAY' pile 
You know you have those clothes! Its either the odds and ends socks that never found their partner again, or that ratty shirt you've had since highschool- lose it!

The way we dress can have a significant effect on how we feel about ourselves- something I learned from Stacy London and Clinton Kelly on What Not To Wear. So if you feel crappy in it, its time to say your goodbyes and remember the good'ol days.

I found this great article on closet cleaning called 7 Simple Steps To a Clutter Free Closet by Natasha Burton. It can be hard for some, it can even be hard for me- a person who's always looking for the next thing to get rid of. A fact I remember from a while ago, and that Natasha Burton brings up in her article for clearing closet clutter is that people usually only wear 20% of their wardrobe most of the time, which is so true! 

Sometimes we can become emotionally attached to clothing even though we will never wear them again, or never have. And sometimes we save clothing for "when I lose weight". Lets be honest we all have those lying around making us feel bad. I've let go of probably the most expensive pair of jeans I'll ever own because the only time I fit them was after I came back from Thailand 6 years ago, and I know I won't be that skinny again. It hurt letting them go, but I also don't feel horrible looking at them wishing I could fit into them everyday. Every time I look at a piece of clothing I ask myself very honestly 

Does this make me feel good?

That is the tricky part though, the honesty

Do you ACTUALLY feel good in it? 


Ask yourself again, put on that piece of clothing and go take a look in the mirror. Do you feel AWESOME? If not, take it off and put it in the 'give away' pile, or the 'throw away' pile. Here's a good tip

Don't think about it, Just Do It!

You may miss it for a short period of time, but that feeling will eventually fade when you see how beautiful your closet looks, and how awesome you feel. Trust me. 

Guess what? I also let go of a shirt that I'd never actually worn before. Gorgeous shirt! But it just wasn't my style. I actually envisioned so many different outfits with that shirt but every time I put it on it didn't feel like me. Wanna know something else? In the very back of my closet I put away an amazing jacket that I'd only wore once, only once because when I became pregnant it didn't look right with a big belly popping out of it, so I saved it- Thank God I did! It was like Christmas all over again just by sorting out the gigantic mess I had in there. This is a beautiful navy blue Gap blazer. My favourite part of this jacket is the cuffs which are tucked up with pattern showing through. It still fits like a charm too so it is now sitting with the rest of my spring jackets to be used with an outfit in the near future.

Think this is a challenge your ready to take on? Let me know what you think of this challenge, and when you plan to start. I promise you, you'll feel better!

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