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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Coffee Is A Mommy's Best Friend

It's to be expected as a mother to have tired days. Newborn to toddlerhood so far I experience almost daily some sense of tiredness. Some of you may blame the co-sleeping for it, and lack of sleep training, but I don't believe in that. As I say

To each their own 

-Originally quoted "to each his own" by Cicero 

Our son has had THE worst teething pain I've ever seen him in the last few days, and it broke my mommy heart to see him so inconsolable. We had a lot of cuddling and rocking on the living room couch in the middle of the night until his medication kicked in.

He still woke up around his usual time 7 am, so you can sort of see why I'd be so darn tired!

I buy my coffee from Choices Market here in Yaletown, and my favourite coffee is the Level Ground based out of Vancouver Island which does fair trade with Bolivia in South America. Its a nice medium roast and tastes just awesome! I use organic raw sugar, and almond milk in my coffee- perfect way to wake up after a long night.

On a side note, we won't have internet at our new home until next Thursday, and I'm leaving on Wednesday to drop my son off in Prince George- a lovely 9 hour drive before we leave for Mexico. Toli's grandparents are super excited to have him for his birthday on June 11th (We leave for Mexico June 9th), and I'm excited to have the best birthday party for him when we get back.

I'm going to do my best to post at least a couple times a week in the next couple of weeks, but if you don't hear from me- you'll know where I'll be- I'll be tanning on the beach in Playa del Carmen or swimming through some caves on an adventure :)

Have you been to Playa del Carmen? If you have what are some fun spots you liked there? We have a few extra free days there with no planned excursions yet.

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