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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Moving Time

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It seems my son has been in a little bit of a mood the past few days. He's been waking up in tears the past few days, and we just came back from the park after a short and grumpy visit. I decided it was time to come home when he clearly wasn't having a good time.

I think he's feeling the change that is coming up- when we move to our new apartment at the end of the month, because there is no other explanation to the fussiness. Toli is usually in very good spirits, and this behaviour is completely out of the ordinary. 

Children are very intuitive little beings, and I know he is picking up on the energy around the house. His grandfather will be moving into his own place for the first time. Dada is missing our current apartment already, and I think with all of the sentimental feelings in the air about our near future, its getting to Toli. I'm not one to stay home on a sunny day, but I think the next little while before the move we will have some play outside, but a lot of snuggling at home as well.

I remember when we moved into this apartment last year how difficult it was for the unexplained change for an almost 1 year old- I can only imagine how it will be this time around. Until then I'll be giving as much love, and attention to my son as I possibly can.

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