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Friday, 9 May 2014

Enjoying the Simple Things in Life

Let me tell you how happy I was to have the entire day with my son! What a blessing it is to just watch him be himself. 

We started our day at our favourite coffee shop Blenz for a little snack, and drink before we made our way to the post office to pick up a couple of parcels. As we walked, Toli was dancing to the beat of life. I smiled the entire way there as I watched his head sway, his arms and legs swinging around in and outside of his stroller.

Afterward we walked to the waterfront where I let the little monster loose for some play time on the grass where we played cars, and bears (this is where we growl like bears, I chase him, and tickle him).

Once he started getting tired we made our way home for nap time- cue Mama's time to clean, and blog. 

After such a long time away from our son, and home, Dada and I were so glad to have a quite night in to catch up on Game of Thrones and just chill on the couch with Toli. Dada played piano while Toli danced, which was just the sweetest thing ever (I could not get a clear photo for the blog.. only problem of my evening), and then we made our way to a little restaurant downstairs for some easy food. 

I decided it should be Toli's first 'puddle jumping' experience so instead of taking the stroller I
dressed him for the rain with his little rain boots. Let me say how long it took for us to make it half a block with puddles all around! It was fantastic! 

I find myself realizing how blessed we are to live where we do. We have family all around us to help raise our son, and the ability every once in a while to just have some 'Mama & Dada' time, which I think is so important for the family household. I find myself daydreaming about moving to another country to experience another culture, but its times like these where I'm glad we live here in Vancouver. It really is a city full of activities for Toli and I while Dada is at work, as well as family that we see pretty often. Come check out this short blog on gratitude! As I stated in my Vegas Baby! post how much gratitude I felt for the men in my life's success's, it really is a celebration of life! But it doesn't even have to be big celebrations, in Beyond The Gratitude Message the writer Jan talks about being grateful for the sun rising, or even a nice commute to work, she asks us to challenge and expand the awareness of what we receive each and every day.

You can find gratitude in every little nook and cranny of life, its there!

Hope you all have an awesome weekend with family and friends!

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