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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

To Do List

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Well, as you can guess if you've been reading my posts- I am all about 'To Do List's.

They make me feel organized, and ready to tackle whats at hand. I find if I leave it in my head I'll end up missing a few things, sometimes a few *important* things.

So I've already made my way out for grocery shopping, along with de- cluttering. I think I've de- cluttered about 3-4 times since spring started, but there's nothing wrong with that! The less we have, the less I pack. Yes, that's right, I haven't packed a box yet, and we're moving on Saturday!

At the moment my son has his feet kicked up on my lap as we eat a quick snack, and as I type out my day for you. Once I'm finished here I'll be completing my list before we pick up Toli's Dada to check out a storage unit for some of our things.

I talked about making a priority list in Feelin' Good as well if you wanna take a peak.

Last night I made a long list of things that need to get done this week, and out of that I extracted what the top priorities were for today. I'd like to add that as much as I love 'to do' lists, they can become overwhelming. This is why I like to add the extra step of creating a priority list for a specific day. 

This article here also discuss's the importance of prioritizing your life called Are You Too Busy? Prioritize Things and Find Joy In Your Life

My priority list for today:
  • Grocery shopping (check!)
  • Box up all the books on the book shelf
  • De-clutter my dresser
Heres a helpful blog post on organizing for a move from IHeart Organizing called Easy Tips for an Organized Move, I cover 4 out of 5 of her steps (I haven't started packing as the writer Jen suggests in step 1). How are some ways you stay organized for a move? 

I'm going to post another blog tomorrow on tackling the closet, so come back soon!

Now its time for me to get back to my list!

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