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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Timing is all off

I must tell you, this past week has been completely off for me. I wrote a blog on Monday, to get it ready for Tuesday, and I ended up posting it that day because I got into Tuesday mode in my mind as I was writing.

With our move coming up fast my head isn't in place with organizing my blog, or life for that matter. My thoughts are more of a frequent 'here and there' motion, and I can't seem to keep them straight.

Yesterday I also ended up going to a walk in clinic, and left with a prescription for antibiotics (not something I'm proud of). So I've been sitting in a little bit of a daze since then, and not wanting to do much other than sit on my butt. 

Personally I don't like these days. The days where nothing gets done. But that's life, isn't it? Imperfect, and always changing- here's a fitting article on imperfection that has helped me let go of these past few days "4 Ways to Embrace Imperfections" by Nicole Franco. My favourite part of this article is where she talks about accepting our humanness, because humans are messy- yes, we can be. 

Anytime I think of how I'm not on schedule with my son, how the house isn't clean enough, or that my hair and makeup isn't done, I think of the movies (what a terrible comparison!) and how energetic and happy stay at home mums look. Usually when I get on a schedule I like to stick to it, but life had different plans for me in the last 48 hours. So no movie like features in this household!

By June, when we're nice and settled I'll be back on schedule with my blog. I'll have a post coming up very soon on packing light for a vacation. I've seen so many people overpack their entire closet before a trip, but life is so much easier when we can carry as little as possible around- also this lazy chick wants to get back into the beach body mode I was in before I left for Vegas. So stay tuned, I may not be consistent right now, but I'll be back!

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