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Friday, 16 May 2014

Another busy One

Well, it seems I'll be feeling busy a while longer. We're just in the middle of having our apartment shown for new tenants as we are moving at the end of this month, so I'm busy maintaining my home. I've also been keeping up with our weekly classes for Toli, appointments for myself, writing and blogging daily, and running errands for Toli's new career.. I smile as I write this. Thinking about my almost 2 year old with a resume is really quite cute! 

But I'm digressing. With the move also comes my sons birthday which we are planning on having before we leave to Mexico in 3 and a half weeks. Some personal issues are running around in my head as well, and I can't put them down. I don't want to put it down. I'm feeling a bit helpless in a certain area of life where I wish so much that I could be super woman and take pain away from people. Logically I know its impossible, but another part of me is still wondering how I can accomplish this while running the rest of my life.

Also, I just found out that I've been accepted as guest blogger on another site- which will help me get exposure for my blog. A lot of exciting things are coming up! I actually really enjoy moving, as it gives me a chance for newness, de-cluttering, re-arranging, and re-organizing. As for Toli's birthday, I'm feeling like time is just passing me by too quickly right now, and I'm a bit scared that it won't be as awesome as his 1st birthday.

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Which brings me to my reason for writing this.

Sometimes life can take us on a really crazy ride full of hustle, bustle, and sometimes a bit of crazy, mixed in with a bit of who knows what! I'm feeling the need to accomplish everything as perfectly as possible, while maintaining 'fun' in life with my family.

We've been at the beach with friends the last two evenings for dinner, and I've been keeping most of my friend dates as well. Sometimes I think I may go bonkers, and if life were like this every day, every week- I'd probably lose my cool.

So the next few weeks I'm really going to buckle down, and accept my fate with

  1. This move
  2. Organizing my sons birthday
Which are my two top priorities (I talk about prioritizing in Follow Your Heart  as well). The more I write down what needs to get done, the more it solidifies those goals, and then they get accomplished. A-mazing! Who knew? 

Here's another blog that talks about Staying Happy and Healthy When Your Busy by a writer who goes by Catalina (wish I could give her more credit with her full name but I cannot find it!).

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So friends, I shall see you on the other side when I'm not so busy. Life has this gal in high gear, so here I go!

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